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Miserably Ever After 1 Secrets by Caty Callahan | A bride lottery romance series

Miserably Ever After 1: Secrets

A man with a controlling mother. A woman with secrets.

Levi Grant enters the lottery hoping for a young bride. Instead, he gets Blair Baxter whose two ex-husbands are the town nightmares. But marriage to Blair is actually wonderful until his parents come to visit and ruin it all. In an effort to fix things, he makes them much worse.

Blair Baxter has tried the lottery three times. Martin was cruel, Bill was a hitter, and Levi has no backbone. But when Levi exposes her deepest, darkest secret, life as she knows it is suddenly over and she’s homeless.

A scared woman looking for a home. The rancher who’s about to meet her. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to propel us forward to where we must go.

Miserably Ever After 2 Snow by Caty Callahan | A bride lottery romance series

Miserably Ever After 2: Snow

A man who just had a heart attack. A young mother with a sick baby. Two people with broken hearts are about to meet.

Gillian Rosenthal is a woman with three big problems–a sick baby, a missing husband, and no money. When she bumps into Duke West at the clinic and then again at the general store, he’s kind enough to pay for her baby’s prescription and her groceries. But then he drops the bombshell–her husband isn’t on a cattle drive for him. He took off a month ago.

For Duke West it’s a month of firsts. The first time he’s ever held a baby. The first time he’s rescued a damsel in distress. The first time he’s felt himself falling in love. But their budding romance has one big problem–her missing husband Isaac–and Duke is pretty sure Isaac has married and abandoned a wife before.

Two people with broken hearts are about to mend each other’s. And stop a serial polygamist in his tracks.

Miserably Ever After 3 Narcissist by Caty Callahan | A bride lottery romance series

Miserably Ever After 3: Narcissist

A kind young woman. A cruel young man.

When Charlotte Meredith gets Beau Grant in the lottery, she’s delighted. But what starts out as a loving marriage soon turns very dark and very cruel. Each new day brings more pain until she can’t take it anymore.

Grayson Carter has loved Charlie for two years. He knows she’s in love with Beau Grant, but watching that narcissist hurt her over and over again is more than he can take. When fate finally separates them, he takes a leap of faith and puts the rest in God’s hands.

Two people who should’ve married on Lottery Day are about to get a second chance.

Miserably Ever After 4 Rude Leftovers by Caty Callahan | A bride lottery romance series

Miserably Ever After 4: Rude Leftovers

A kind widow. A rude young man.

Penelope Gibb has hope for the lottery until Noah Hill picks her. He’s the epitome of her theory on lottery rude leftovers, people unsuitable to be married to anyone.

Brody Daniels never expected to fall in love with another man’s wife. But there she is and she’s perfect for him. The problem is she disappears before he can find out where she lives.

Two strangers are about to meet, fall in love, and have their happily ever after.